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The Stained Glass Restoration of a Washington DC landmark.

Lynchburg Stained Glass conducted a stained glass survey of the windows at Mount Vernon Place UMC in which the windows were photographed, catalogued, and assessed for signs of deterioration in both the stained glass and wood frame system. Subsequently, Lynchburg Stained Glass removed 42 large panels for complete re-lead restoration. These panels were carefully dismantled, cleaned and re-assembled with new lead came. Some panels were triple glazed, meaning that there were actually three layers of stained glass. Layering of stained glass is a technique used to add depth-of-field to a stained glass window.

The windows were reinstalled with new protective laminated glass storm coverings. Wood frames were scraped, repaired, and painted to complete the project. Some windows nearest the ground level received 0.5-inch thick Lexan security panels which were set into a specially designed vented frame system.

Top Left: Temporary coverings are installed to protect the church interior during stained glass restoration.

Top Right: Window survey photo indicating panels requiring restoration. The red dot indicates a broken face in need of repair.

Lower Left: The new storm protective coverings are installed.

Bottom: Church elevation indicating protective glazing types which varied from protective laminated glass to thick Lexan security panels.

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