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Left: Creation Window

Some of the window symbolism is highlighted below.

Day 1 – Let there be Light
Day 2 – Heaven
Day 3 – Land, Sea, and Vegetation
Day 4 – Sun, Moon, and Stars
Day 5 – Fish and Fowl
Day 6 – Mammals (Elephant, Deer), Adam and Eve


Right: Light varies with each window.

A window’s exposure to natural sunlight varies with the time of day, season, and geographical orientation of the window. The brightest Sunday morning windows face east to southeast. Southwest to west exposure windows receive the best afternoon exposure and southwest-facing windows are well-iluminated most of the day and receive extremely strong sunlight. Windows with northern exposure rely on ambient sunlight illumination, as they receive little to no direct sun exposure. Proper glass selection is crucial to a well-illuminated stained glass window. Glass colors need to be intense enough to hold up under strong sunlight, but not so deep in color as to create a dark window during less intense lighting hours (i.e. afternoon, early morning). Each window situation is unique.

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