Ebenezer Baptist Church – Atlanta, GA

Client: US National Park Service

Lynchburg Stained Glass was commissioned to restore the historic stained glass windows at Ebenezer Baptist Church. (The original windows were installed in 1921-22.) All of the windows required a full re-lead restoration which required them to be removed, dismantled, and reassembled. Additionally, we also repaired all rotten wood frames and sashes.

This project was part of a larger mission to restore the church. Divided into two phases, the full-church restoration included not only the restoration of the stained glass windows, but also restoration/replication of furnishings; repair of the balcony structure system; the rehabilitation of restrooms; abatement of asbestos-containing flooring; treatment of termite infestation/damage; installation of a lightning protection system; improvement of site drainage; and restoration of a sidewalk, baptistry, and pipe organ.

More about the church and its restoration can be found on the National Park Service’s website: http://www.nps.gov/malu/