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LSG was commissioned to provide a new stained glass window for St. Mark Episcopal Church in Clifford, VA. The window portrays St. Mark the Evangelist. This window pairs with other stained glass in the sanctuary of a similar hand-painted style. The new window is traditional leaded stained glass and is crafted using imported mouth-blown glass.

Each piece of glass is hand-painted and kiln-fired. Shown at bottom right is the approval artwork for the project. A bit of church history is woven subtly into the background of the window. Rev. Rose (the founding pastor of St Mark) can be seen navigating a bateaux of tobacco down river to market as he once did. The rose bushes shown in the foreground celebrate the Reverend’s namesake. On the opposite bank of the river nestled against the tree line is the original church building.

The symbol of St Mark the Evangelist is the winged lion which is painted on the gold sash of his robe. The stained glass measures 3-ft x 7-ft and is installed into an existing window opening. It is protected on the exterior by new laminated safety glass.

As a full service studio, our services include:

  • Color artwork for approval
  • Traditionally crafted leaded stained glass
  • Hand-painted narrative windows by in-house artists
  • Delivery and installation into new or existing window openings
  • Custom fabricated energy-efficient aluminum frames for stained glass
  • 25 year warranty on materials and workmanship

Please call us for a no-cost consultation on your next window project.