Backlit Stained Glass Cabinets

Back-lighting stained glass cabinets provides a solution when a natural light source is not available. Smaller cabinets (less than 6-ft square) are fabricated as wood cabinets and can be hung on a sturdy wall.  The front is typically hinged to allow access to lighting which is located behind the stained glass.  These cabinets feature fluorescent style lighting and diffusing material to soften the light so that hot-spots are not visible through the stained glass. We produce cabinets in rectangular, round, and round-top shapes.  Cabinets are custom-sized to fit the worship space. Larger back-lit installations typically utilize our aluminum window frame system with removable front panels to access the lighting.

Advances in LED lighting for stained glass

Recent innovations in lighting technology offer the opportunity for unique back-lighting solutions.  LED flat panels and LED tube lighting offer alternatives to more traditional fluorescent fixtures. LED lighting is low voltage and can be configured to allow dimming.  Lighting systems can also be connected to master lighting consoles for remote operation using DX lighting controls.  LED flat panels are available in custom sizes.

Back lighting provides the opportunity for stained glass in spaces with no natural light.