What is Leaded Stained Glass?

Lynchburg Stained Glass produces true leaded stained glass, using traditional methods of craftsmanship… Our windows are handmade by skilled artisans who take pride in their craft.

The term “leaded stained glass” refers to the lead-based material between the pieces of stained glass which adds structure to the window. The lead (came strips) begin as long straight strips and are cut and bent where appropriate. In cross-section, the lead is shaped like an “H” which allows glass to be inserted from either side. Assembly of the window takes place on a flat surface. Strips of lead are fit to the glass by cutting and bending the lead around the glass. In this manner, the window is glazed (built) starting on one edge and working across. The craftsman alternates between lead and glass until the window is fully assembled on the table and every glass edge is encapsulated within the framework of the lead.

Once assembled, every lead joint is hand-soldered on both sides of the panel. The window panel is then waterproofed. Stained glass is waterproofed by working a special compound between every piece of glass and lead.  This is a hands-on labor-intensive process. Once the process is complete, excess waterproofing compound is removed and the window panel is cleaned,  The process is then repeated for the other side of the panel. Structural steel braces are then added to further strengthen the panel. These braces are critical for the long-term structural stability of the window.  They help support the weight of the window and ensure that the panel remains flat for many years of service.