We stock transparent and opalescent stained glass from around the world to craft our windows. Sources include glass manufacturers in Germany and Poland as well as domestic manufacturers in the United States. 

Transparent Stained Glass:  This type of glass can be machine rolled or mouth-blown (hand made) and is often referred to as “cathedral” glass. It is very translucent allowing for vision through the glass and is available in a wide variety of color. The glass colors can be monochromatic (single solid color) or a swirl of several colors with areas of clear creating what is referred to as “streaky” glass.  The machine rolled variety is often available in textures to further expand the available glass pallet.

Opalescent Stained Glass:  This type of glass is machine rolled. As the name implies, this glass incorporates a white opal which gives the glass a milky appearance.  The density of the glass is controlled by the amount of opal which is added to the mix.  Minimizing the amount of opal creates a glass which has milky streaks through the sheet of glass with some areas of translucence.  Increasing the amount of opal reduces the translucence of the glass.   Opalescent glass is generally difficult to see through and does a nice job of diffusing harsh sunlight to create a soft glow. Opalescent stained glass is also available in textures.