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storm covering2

LSG was commissioned to replace the existing discolored polycarbonate storm covering for the stained glass windows at Rivermont Baptist Church.

The existing storm coverings were not vented; trapping heat and moisture between the window and covering. This build-up of heat and moisture shortens the stained glass life and promotes decay in the wood frame.

The new storm covering system included a vented aluminum frame and safety glass. The vented system promotes the circulation of fresh air between the window and storm covering thus reducing heat and moisture between windows.

The new glass covering material will remain clear, unlike the previous polycarbonate coverings.

Services carried out:

  • Removal of discolored plastic window coverings
  • Cleaning and repair existing stained glass windows
  • Re-lead of stained glass panels where deteriorated
  • Installation of new aluminum storm frame fabricated to match configuration of the existing window frames so that members align
  • Installation of  1/4-inch safety glass