Old and New Testament Symbol Medallions

Our Old and New Testament symbol medallions depict biblical symbolism from both the Old and New Testaments. Using century-old techniques, these medallions are hand-painted and kiln-fired to provide a lasting image. Once fired in the kiln, the paint becomes a permanent part of the glass. These medallions will not peel or fade.

Step 1

The artist adds black line work to the medallion to define the particular scene. The medallion is then kiln-fired at 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit to permanently set the paint to the glass.

Step 2

Shading is skillfully painted by hand to add visual depth and shadow to the medallion. The medallion is again kiln-fired to set the shading paint.

Step 3 

Color is added to the medallion using a palette of glass paint. Each color is painted by hand. The medallion is kiln-fired for a third time to permanently set the color paints.

Step 4

The medallion is inspected for quality and then glazed into the new stained glass window.